This weekend, a good friend of mine and I planned a drive to Chikmagalur (I’m still confused to choose a spelling from the many) from Banglore. It’s around a 5 hour drive at a decent speed, which would be around 260ish kilometres. We started at saturday morning 4 and reached chikmagalur by around 11. (We did take decent breaks). We had booked our stay at zostel chikamgalur, which is kinda like a hostel, tailored for backpackers. Though it was around 12km away from chikmagalur bus stand, it stood amidst lush green woods and that was really a splendid treat to our eyes and lungs, which just escaped from the heavily polluted (both air and noise) life of Banglore.

We added stops to google map and planned to cover the major spots. Mullayanagari and Baba budangiri shouldn’t be missed at any cost, we decided. Saturday evening we left to a local lake nearby and planed to take a possibly risky route goole map showed us (yes, they sometimes put you in trouble). It was a realy tough journey and we had to abort our mission and return to stay from the mid of journey. The off-road was one of it’s kind!.
Next day morning we planned to return to banglore, since we had to return our rented bike by Sunday night. Morning we went to mullayanagari peak. It was gorgeous and strong misty winds + mild rain made the journey both beautiful and dangerous. Baba budangiri temple is constructed underground and cameras weren’t allowed. But it was a very good experience.
We started our journey back by around 12.30 noon and reached Banglore by night 8 pm, thanks to Banglore traffic.